Smart training management system

InClass capable of handling all day-to-day tasks in regards to training management from courses and regesteration to exams and evaluation. It’s an All-in-One system for training institutions to manage their diplomas, courses and exams.

Integrated with ORGANIZATION Website

Integrated with ORGANIZATION Website

Ability to integrate or Develop and customize new website for your organization with the following capabilities integrated with our TMS (Training Management System)

List of Available Courses.

  • List of Planned Courses (In-Coming)
  • Search Courses.
  • Trainee sign up.
  • Trainee Registration.
  • Trainee sign-in to InClass
Sub-role In Admin-Coordinator

Sub-role In Admin-Coordinator

  • annual plan
  • annual plan advertisement
  • follow up trainee(attendance & exam & participation & practical & certificates)
  • Assign classroom for applicable training
  • Manage classroom schedule


Organization Admin

Organization Admin

  • Manage course catalog
  • Manage deplomas
  • Create annual plan
  • Advertisement to the saved customers and Trainees email lists with Incoming courses
  • Follow up trainee registration
  • Follow up trainee and Customers requests
  • Manage instructor profile
  • Manage trainee profile
  • Create and manage instructor assessment
  • Question Bank fulfill
  • Online exam generation
  • Exam results and assessments
  • ability to add practical qustions that can be use by instructor to test trainee
  • Create feedback forms and questions according to feedback category like time/classroom/instructor/material
  • Statistical Reports


  • accept or reject assign course
  • session schedule and Activity Calender
  • online Exam creation
  • Exam Results
  • Trainees Assessments
  • trainee attendance
  • trainee participation
  • trainee practical
  • Upload course materials
  • Review trainee feedback
  • evaluate other instructors


  • View upcoming courses
  • New Course Registration
  • Follow up  course registration and upload required documents
  • Course Schedule and Sessions Calender
  • Download/View  course material
  • Virtual Class Rooms (live sessions)
  • Online exams
  • Exam results and Assessments
  • Submit Personal Reviews and feedback for finished courses
  • View and download certificate
  • Custom course request on remote sites




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