BizLink, I-Valley ERP Solution

Product Overview

Our ERP product typically consists of multiple enterprise software modules that are individually purchased, based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing.    Contact us for more details and prices

Human Resources:
  1. Manage employee’s data with complete employee portfolio and history management.
  2. Manage employees outside duty.
  3. Employee’s penalty.
  4. Manage employees day-to-day Permissions with the ability for configuring permission amount granted to each employee, based on permission period and / or type.
  5. Vacation management including year-to-year vacation balance and number of days off count accumulated for each employee and the rules organize this process.
  6. Report for accumulated employees experience which help managers to have complete image about all experience status with monthly bases
  7. Manage employee’s attendance with integration capability for finger print system and automatic import for all data related to employees sign in and out on daily bases to our system directly or by uploading spread sheet with standard format.
  8.  Report absence, delay and all other attendance indications for top management.
  9. Manage and configure the Governorate work law by adding all setting for appointments and shifts for employees, considering all organization rules which control the working hours, attendance and vacation types granted for each employee
  10. Reports and Statistics for all data accumulated and grouped by employees, departments and whole company with KPI and alerts if any rules exceeding or violation.

  1. Manage employees allowance.
  2. Manage employee Deduction by monthly bases.
  3. Produce employee’s salary for insurance constant and insurance variables.
  4. Manage staff advances, also system will follow it till received or finish.
  5. Staff Custody which relate to specific employee with status management for each one.
  6. Staff rewards which added to employee per month.
  7. Manage Tax percentage which apply for all employee category on same position.
  8. Manage salary divides with specific percentage which apply automatic for every employee.
  9. Manage insurance percentage which relate with insurance law for employees
  10. Manage employee salary as a total or as details.
  11. Reports and Statistics for all data accumulated and grouped by employees, departments and whole company.

  1. Insurance companies & Traffic Units & Vehicle Types data.
  2. Manage Vehicle entry to service center.
  3. Job orders distribution points with their workers.
  4. Manage Indexation which approved from client..
  5. Job order handling to do work and ability to check if Mandatory Warranty, Maintenance Program or Maintenance Contract related to chassis.
  6. Manage work done and spare parts which used, external work and attachments.
  7. Manage exit vehicle after check all works.
  8. Maintenance program Notifications and Alerts
  9. Reports and Statistics with all charts, job order statuses and Engineers KPIs

Stock Control:
  1. Item/Product Card with all details including available quantities  
  2. Group Items into batches with unique batch number and serial
  3. Ability to store the same items from different suppliers with different prices  
  4. Sales Price Offer data.
  5. Manage Sales Supply Orders data.
  6. Tenders Management data.
  7. Item Category as Tree implementation and Store location data.
  8. Multi store management with distinguishing among all users at each store with separate and accumulative reports for data transactions from and to specific store / for all stores.
  9. Manage Order Buy data.
  10. Manage Order Return Buy data.
  11. Manage Order Sell data.
  12. Manage Order Return Sell data.
  13. Manage Transfer Demand data.
  14. Manage Transfer Order data.
  15. Demand Limit management, alerts and notifications, configured to the level of item.
  16. Transfer from one store to another
  17. All related Reports, Charts, Alerts, Notifications and Statistics.
  1. Purchase Invoice Types & Purchase Shipping Ways data.
  2. Purchase Demand data.
  3. Purchase Order.
  4. Confirmation Order.
  5. Examination Record data.
  6. Manage Claim data.
  7. Manage Purchase Invoices data.
  1. Various Sales Invoice Types.
  2. Manage Sales Invoices data.
  3. Sales Payment Receipts data.
  4. Manage Sales Cash Paying data.
General Accounting:
  1. Opening Balance & Auto Transaction Operation & Auto Transaction Setting & Banks & Bank Branches & Bank Branch Accounts & Currency & Expense Types & Transaction Types & accounting settings data.
  2. Chart of Accounts Tree
  3. Cost Centers Tree.
  4. Manage Accounting Intervals.
  5. Manage Accounting Sub Interval data.
  6. Daily Transaction data.
  7. Manage Cheque Receive.
  8. Collecting Cheque data.
  9. Manage Paying Cash Safe data.
  10. Manage Receive Cash Safe data.
  11. General Ledger
  12. Annual Inventory – Budget
  13. All related Reports, Charts, Alerts, Notifications and Statistics.

Product Details

  • Stock control System
  • Sales and Purchases
  • Tenders
  • Accounting (General Ledger + Billing )
  • Job Orders / Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Data Analysis and Reporting