Aviation Products

Product Overview

Our aviation software products started since 2009 based on the idea of developing solutions to fully automate airlines company Now in 2017 after we gain huge knowledge in the aviation field and after we have two pilots working in our business analysis team we succeed to have the following products   Contact us for more details and prices

1- I-Flights fixed wing

In this product, we focused to cover the real business process happened Inside any airline company, We have amazing solution for Rostering and scheduling. By Communicating all Aviation information started from Commercial departement going to operation and doing Training validation for all previous steps witth Consideration of Maintainance check and Maintainance scheduel, Moreover getting the actual data through OCC department and Producing better Reports and statistical information for Top Managament
"We doing our rules and validation according to IOSA Standards and Aviation Manuals"

2- I-Flights Helicopter

Helicopter Business is a bit different in implementation than Fixed Wing as we have different workflow here, I-Valley Producing Awsome Tool for Helicopter companies including the Training Database with all it's validations.
Application loop will start from Rostering and scheduling departement inside the company which will distribute all crew for all available sites putting in consideration crew availability and Flight Time Limitation Moreover doing automatic training experation validation.
Our Software not only handeling the business process inside the company itself but also handeling the outside sites by providing all schedule versions and getting all actual flights data from site managers , Also I-Valley providing Mobile Application for Flight plan calculation connected with our system.

3- Internal communication Portal (Intranet)

Based on the Standard IOSA requirements, Now it's mandatory for all Airlines companies to have electronic communication portal among all companies employees sharing all documents and manuals with the version and history information for all files
I-Valley produce Amazing portal with standard IOSA requirements including share board for company circulars, blogs, Manuals and forms .
Notifications for all new contenets and read/non-read contain is basic function in our system, Moreover producing all statistical reports about logged in employees and their activities on the portal.

Product Details

  • Commercial
  • Operations & Rostering
  • Cabin Crew
  • OCC
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Internal Communication Portal (intranet)
  • Helicopter System
  • Mobile Applications